Environmental Ethical Issues

Topics: Petroleum, Oil spill, Exxon Valdez oil spill Pages: 6 (2537 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Ethics is defined as the study of right and wrong conduct (Ruggiero 2008). Ethics have been studied for centuries now. It is a topic that has been studied by scholars for a very long time. Environmental ethics has not been studied as much as ethics have. Some people think that we do not need ethics because we already have so many laws (Ruggiero 2008). But it is because of ethics that we have laws. If we had no ethics, then there would be no laws. Throughout this paper I will discuss some environmental issues that the world is facing right now and I will discuss what we need to do to change it or help the situation.

Our environment is going downhill everyday due to the cause of pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, and a lot of other things that is destroying our environment. The world that we live in today has rapidly changed from the world that we use to live in before there was industrialization and urbanization. You see all kinds of environmental issues talked about all the time, on television, the radio, even in the workplace. Is the world disappearing before our eyes? A big issue that is going on now would be the major bp oil spill that has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil spills threaten millions of miles of coastline, river systems, lakes and terrestrial habitat daily, particularly where there is extensive oil drilling, refining, and transport. Serious, and potentially permanent, ecological damage is possible where chronic spills or spills of national significance occur ("Oil spill preperation," 2010). Oil spill disasters can occur when the crew workers are making mistakes and being careless, when the equipment messes up, hurricanes, and illegal dumpers. Oil floats on salt water and usually floats on fresh water. Oil will usually spread out rapidly across the water surface to form a thin layer that is called an oil slick. As the oil spreading process continues, the layer will become thinner and thinner, and then finally will become a very thin layer that is called a sheen, which often looks like a rainbow. Depending on the circumstances, oil spills can be very harmful to marine birds and mammals, and also can harm fish and shellfish. ("Oil spills- effect," 2010) The Deepwater Horizon was an offshore oil rig, operated by BP, drilling in 5,000 feet of water about 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana. On April 20, 2010, the oil rig exploded, killing at least eleven crew members and leaving 5,000 barrels of oil a day spewing from the blown-out well underneath it. The rig sank after two days in flames but the damage had only just begun (Breen., 2010) . The workers say that they know now it was a methane bubble that had escaped from the well and shot up the drill column, expanding very promptly as it blasted through several of the main seals, that is when the explosion happened according to the Rig workers that were there. Way beneath the sea floor methane is in crystalline form, and at any given time they could hit that nasty gas, that's just the chance they take with the Eco system. As the methane bubble came up through the drill column from the high pressure environs of the deep to the pressurized shallows, the bubble increased breaking through the safety barriers they said. According to one interviewer a gas cloud surrounded the rig causing the drill head to run to fast, which caused it to explode and catch fire, with all that gas that was around the rig it was by Gods grace that everyone wasn't killed at that time. ("Why Did this,”)

The last sentence said it all. It was by Gods grace that everyone was not killed at that time. This oil spill is such a terrible thing and it has hurt the environment horribly. This oil spill has called all kinds of animals to die. There may not have been anyone to get hurt throughout this oil spill so far, but a lot of animals and wildlife has died from this. This oil spill will hurt the lack of supply of food to some parts of the country. Also gas prices could go up...

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