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Topics: Discrimination, Human rights, Rights Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Task 1

The benefits of diversity

Britain is a multicultural society with a huge variety of people who all have come from different backgrounds, these people live and work all over the country. London is the capital of the country and has the largest immigrant number. In Britain 6.5% of the population are ethnic minorities. The British population is made up of the following ethnic groups:

• White-53,074,000 (includes Irish, Polish, Italian, etc)

• Black Caribbean- 490,000

• Black African- 375,000

• Black other- 308,000

• Indian- 930,000

• Bangladeshi- 268,000

• Chinese- 137,000

• Other Asian- 209,000 (includes Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai)

• Other- 424,000 ( these people think they do not fit into any of the groups above)

Diversity should benefit everyone, people valuing each other and experiencing a strong bond with others who have different back grounds. But sometimes this is not the case. Some people fear something they don’t know and discriminate those who are from a different background. At some point in every person’s life they will need to use a health and social care based service and they need to be aware that any unfair or unwarranted discrimination is not accepted. People may act ignorant but they don’t know that it can cause upset and offence, everyone should be treated fairly. Fortunately this problem only occur with a handful of people, some people may be in a venerable state and don’t realise what problems they are causing. Britain has passed laws to help bring as many divers groups as possible, so that we as a nation can celebrate our multicultural society.


Terminology which should and should not be used within the setting

When working in a health and social care setting you must know how to use appropriate terminology with regards to equality and diversity. For example words like Empowerment, Diversity, and Stereotyping should be used in the right context....

References: health and social care, level 3 book 1, Beryl Stretch &Mary Whitehouse
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