Ethical Report of Bp

Topics: Petroleum, BP, Oil well Pages: 9 (3239 words) Published: March 17, 2013
One of the world’s worldwide largest and well-known oil companies is British Petroleum Plc (BP). BP grants its customers with alternative energies such as fuel, gas, petrochemical products for everyday stuffs. Even though, the company wishes to act upon on corporate social responsibility, for instance reducing its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions they still succumb due to some internal corruptions. In such cases they were intended to develop an alternative sources of energy such solar power (Waren, S2012). Conversely, BPs environmental image has been spoiled these recent years. But it is vague that is BP acted so. In fact, defining ethics itself is complicated. Therefore, in different hypothetical perspective it allows juxtaposing arguments over the standards of BP practices. Consequently, Utilitarianism theory from the normative ethical theories, are ideal theories to determine the contrasting feature of business ethics and to recognize that BP acts as an ethical multinational company or feign as an ethical company. 1.0 Identification of ethical dilemmas of BP using environmental scanning 2.1 Extreme ethical cases of Oil Spill and explosion

BP has been growing over the years without any problems. It has been endeavor to be in the position of eco-friendly brand, but the recent incidents has created dilemma on consumers regarding the brand standing, down to recent spills in Alaska (2006) and gulf of Mexico (2010)(Deepwater Horizon oil spill –one of largest accidental release of oil in deep sea). Line corrosion inpiping system causing to a pipeline leak and spilled over thousands of gallons of oil in Alaska seabed. However, in the Gulf of Mexico the semi-submersible undercover offshore drilling fig deepwater exploded and hydrocarbon leaked into the gulf before the well was closed. Meanwhile, BP also caught up in 2005 Texas City Refinery explosions in March 2005. This largest refinery accident causes 180 workers injured and thousands of nearby residents to keep stay in their house. Environmental analysis is expounded about effects of the problem on certain factors. Based on sociological factor, the effect of oil spill has killed and injured many people especially the labors of BP. This loss of life and loss suffered by the families, friends and co-workers of those who died is deeply regrettable. In other hand, there are too many dangerous contaminants entering our estuaries, causing harm and poisoning to public whom swims nearby those polluted areas. Although, BP intended to clean-up the seabed they remains silent about the serious health problems upon workers and volunteers who were being employed for those intention since 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. The workers werefacing grave health risks such as infected respiratory, liver malfunction, kidney failure, and some blood disorders are posed by highly contamination of chemical substance in deep sea (Betinis. K2012). Dramatically many people lost their jobs or business turned down including which coastal industries and financial markets which are bought BP shares due to oil spill and explosions. The oil spill also devastated the environmental and wildlife everywhere as it hit and it is questioned how long the consequences will last. The exclusive fact of the Deepwater Horizon spill in gulf is not only how deep it is, but also the huge quantity of chemical dispersants sprayed on the surface of the sea floor (contaminated surface area). According to scientists, deep sea corals appear to have been seriously harmed by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This is because the explosion, in April 2010, poured an estimated 405 million litres of oil into the Gulf, causing major environmental disaster. As per their investigation coral colonies are bleached and loss of tissues that showed the evidence of impact. Worse case in this scenario is low levels of oxygen. Sea creatures like pelicans, sea turtle, fish, dolphins and also microbes that engulf the oil...
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