Ethics Week3

Topics: Mayors, Thought, Change Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: May 12, 2013
In the first situation, the mayor is doing what we see and hear on a daily basis. We just watched the trials of Dimora and Russo about taking bribes and presents from other businesses and officials. By doing things like this, the mayor is not benefiting anyone else but himself. He is taking gifts from others who may be potential business partners, but he shouldn’t have to take gifts in order to keep them close. In my opinion, I am unsure as to how Locke would look at this situation. On one side, he could say that the mayor isn’t doing anything wrong, because he is not hurting anyone and he is still doing his job by taking care of the citizens of his city. On the other hand, he is trying to benefit himself by accepting gifts he shouldn’t be and that the citizens have the right to say how they feel or the right to know what is going on. Second situation, I can definitely see where the professor is coming from. Curriculum doesn’t change every single year, only when there is a new book to come out or to expand, etc. but none the less it stays the same more often than not. I don’t think she is necessarily trying to benefit herself, although I do know how hard it is to work full time and pursue higher education. It is very time consuming and can cause a lot of stress. If the students were complaining, and felt that they were being cheated, I could see her changing things around to challenge them, but they also have to be able to trust the students to not cheat off of previous students. I think that Locke would agree with my view, especially because a classroom is like a city and that the teacher is the leader (mayor in a way/government) and the students are the people and if they didn’t agree with what the professor was doing or thought that things needed to change, that they have the right to speak up and request that things be changed for the better.

Third situation, I have seen on a personal level and having children is not always the answer. The couple in this...
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