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Introductory Writing Assignment
My name is Steven. I was born in a city named Quito, in the country of South America, Ecuador. My father is Ecuadorian, but his parents are both Italian, and my mom is Spanish, but she moved to Ecuador when she was 12. They have been married twenty-four years. I am the third of three children. I have two older siblings, a 23-year-old sister named Nathalie, and a 19-year-old brother named Brandon. One of my beloved things to do is playing soccer. I’d say that I grew up in the soccer field; I have been playing soccer since I have memory, other of my preferred things to do is swimming, and I like to read a lot. My least favorite things are spiders. I have so many hobbies, but the one that I love the most is playing the violin. I have been playing the violin since I was 6 years old, and I like to play the piano as well. I am a very dedicated student. My favorite subjects at school are science and math. I like English too because I like reading a lot, and I love writing also. I learn the best in classes when the teachers are very communicative with their students and utilize different techniques to teach, such as visual content like PowerPoint presentations, or when they make the class easier to study, like using guided notes. School has never been difficult for me; it has always been easy. In the future, I plan to live in the state of California, or France. I’m planning to have an excellent, stable job and a family. My goals for this school year are getting good grades, and do my best in all of my classes. After graduating from high school, I am going to go to college, and I’ll get a degree in robotic engineering or software developing; I haven’t decided yet. I would have to pursue either of those careers because I’ve been investigating, and both of them careers are going to place excellently in my life because I would earn a lot of money. About my personal life, I would like to get married whenever I already have gotten a stable...
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