exploitation of immigrants

Topics: Human rights, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Exploitation of Immigrants
A rampant injustice
Justin Seto

The world that we inhabit today arguably revolves around a single object or rather multiple “objects”, this object being the almighty dollar. Through all of human history the want of power money and greed in human nature has been the driving force for many and it is safe to say that these values still occur today. The economical world has always been nigh all powerful, the rich omnipotent and the poor wretched, with a chasm dividing them. It is from this economical fissure that arises the issue of exploitation particularly that of immigrants. The declaration of independence, arguably one of the most important documents for all Americans today dictates several basic rights that every man should have. The right to liberty, the right to life and the right to the pursuit of happiness and it is these that America is founded on. These rights cannot and should not be impeded on by any person no matter the circumstance; and so it may come as a surprise to some when thousands – no millions of people, immigrants from foreign lands are exploited daily in their struggle to survive. The original American dream of freedom, of liberty and the need to start a new life that is exempt from restrictions is a gift that should be given to all people, no matter what race religion or people. Yet new immigrants no matter from where are day by day finding that life has not improved for them but only worsened, oppressed by land owners, employers and sadly even family. By definition an immigrant is a person who traverses from a country to another in order to start a new life, with reasons varying from person to person, some looking for a fresh new start, others looking for employment. Regardless of the reason these tenacious pioneers display the very attitude that America was founded on, the search for a fresh start and the want of liberty. Yet it is these people who display the American dream, who fight with every once...
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