Five Form of Power Unit 7

Topics: Employment, Leadership, Liberalism Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Five Form of Power Unit 7
By: Colette Gillespie
Class: Organizational Behavior
Teacher: Missy Santman

What is your dominant form of power you tend to use most frequently? Referent power is the type of power that I use the most, because I usually gain power that is gained as a result of being admired by subordinates in the workplace. I like this type of power better in the workplace, because it is developed by trust from your employees. When I was a team leader I used this type of form of power it worked very well, because people felt a part of what was being done, that their opinions matter, and they showed respect to me as well. Referent power is hard to gain because you have to prove to other as a leader that you’re not just looking out for your interest you’re also looking out for theirs as well. Out of all the five different powers (Coercive, Legitimate, Reward, Referent, and Expert Power) mentioned. I have used all of them at one time. The one I have found most effective is Referent for me.

Give an example of how you have used the different 5 forms of power, or witnessed someone else use using them. Did you (or the other person) use it appropriately? Coercive Power I have seen used before in a larger company were you felt like a number because of the type of power. You had your chain of command if you were down at the bottom of the pole like a new hire it was very confusing at time, because you would have multiple bosses that sometimes felt they had the power. You would have one boss tell you what to do and another boss tells you another thing. Coercive Power management when used right can be effective, but if used wrong can be little an employee. If used right it gets everyone going in the right direction and keeps them on the right track. Legitimate power is when someone in authority complies with orders given to them because they believe that the position or title that the person holds gives him the right to use that power. I see this type of...

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