Topics: Sociology, Political philosophy, Max Stirner Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Freedom has been a rallying call for reformers and revolutionaries throughout human history. The passion and sacrifice poured into that cause has however, not been based on any general consensus about the definition of the term. Almost the first thing to strike any student of the subject is the bewildering variety of concepts, social constructs and meanings that have become attached to this single emotive word. This is an issue in human history far too important to be ignored in this series of Essays. An attempt must therefore be made to build the idea anew on the base of an acceptance of the Axioms and choice of the Dogma, and on the Principles and Aim of the Society that arise from those decisions. The first and most fundamental proposition to emerge from the Axioms and Dogma on this subject is the priority of the Conditions of the Dogma set out in Treatises of the first founding book of the Society. That priority makes it clear that without the existence of our species there can be no freedom however defined. While it is possible for an adherent of the Society of HumanKind to echo the cry 'Death before slavery' and even to act on it in extreme circumstances, the Society of HumanKind can never support such action if a contravention of the Third Principle results. The destruction of a social order compatible with the conditions of the Dogma can never be justified by a desire for greater individual freedom. Nor can the Society accept that the cause of individual freedom is a sufficient reason to destroy the stability of human communities on which the pursuit of its Aim must be based. That may seem a mean spirited approach to what has been in the past a glorious battle cry but, as the Treatises on Justice and Peace makes clear, even romance must bow to the realities and insecurities of the Axioms. The Axioms and Principles do not however, prevent adherents of the Society of HumanKind from striving for freedom, provided they do so within the limitation of our...
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