French Revolution And Napoleonic Era Worksheet

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, American Revolutionary War, Age of Enlightenment Pages: 3 (367 words) Published: March 15, 2015
French Revolution and Napoleonic Era Worksheet
Chris McAbee
March 9, 2015

Liberty influenced members of the Third Estate. These members considered themselves an oppressed group. (Revolutionary ideas) They were oppresses politically, socially and legally. The King had the power to impress his political opponents and sentenced them to prison without a trial. Torture was used quite often to interrogate suspects and witnesses. (Revolutionary ideas) Even though this was happening, the people of France were still better off than others in other parts of Europe. The people of France had more liberties. It was also known that everyone born had the right to inherit life, liberty and property.

When it came to equality, the French Social structures was bitterly unfair. The middle class was denied political representation and participation. Concepts of equality and society were reinforced by the success of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence.

Brotherhood was big in the community. Some were identified by their religious views based in their Christian Brotherhood. The Enlightenment produced the intellectual and political Hubris of 1789. (Revolutionary ideas.)

The French Revolution was caused by the fiscal irresponsibility if the monarch (The Silver Bear Cafe) The Clergy and the nobles did not have to pay taxes. This hurt the finances tremendously. France was still hurting from the seven year war. Due to the bad weather, the fields were in poor condition for the harvest. The Government was broke and people were starving.

Democracy in the French Revolution led the people with different ideas of Liberty, fraternity and equality. It also helped the declaration of the deceleration of the rights of man and citizens. Tools were the main area where the technology changed in the 18th century. This happened on both land and sea. A few examples of New Technology...

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