Gas and Oil

Topics: Petroleum, Natural gas, Hydrocarbon Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Oil and gas conservation means their better and more efficient use with regard to economic, social or environment costs and benefits resulting minimization of wastage and protection of environment. A very high priority is attached by the government to conservation of petroleum products in view of the need to reduce increasing gap between demand for and supply of oil and petroleum products. Government has initiated various steps to promote conservation of petroleum products in the different sectors like transport, industrial, agricultural and domestic etc. these include modernization of furnace, development of fuel efficient equipment and appliances of LPG and kerosene. Oil and gas are non renewable resources. So we owe it for our children, grandchildren to use such great resource responsibly. Oil and gas cause a lot of air pollution, which is contributing to the rising rates of asthma and other respiratory problems. Extracting process of oil and gas also causes considerable ecological damage. Irresponsible use of petroleum resources also increases our reliance on unstable and frequently unfriendly countries. As you conserve, your own consumption of oil and gas, your fuel bills also reduced. Oil and gas conservation tends to reduce the demand for them and this in turn tends to lower price of fuels and products made from oil America’s economy is heavily based on petroleum, as though it is the nation’s blood; a necessity for survival. Reacting to America’s support of Israel, Arab (OPEC) nations in the Middle East restrict oil exports to the U.S. As a result, a decrease in the oil supply caused gasoline prices to quadruple. As America attempted to promote alternative energy sources, oil companies expanded their search for offshore oil. Approximately 25% of oil produced in the U.S. comes from offshore rigs. Due to environmental concerns following an oil spill off the coast of California in 1969, an offshore drilling suspension was put in place. Since then,...
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