Gas Gouging

Topics: Filling station, Petroleum, Gasoline Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: September 8, 2006
Laquania Williams
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September 07, 2006
Argument Essay
Gas Gouging
With Gasoline prices at a record high, consumers are yelling gas gouging. Customers are very upset at gasoline station owners as they continue to increase gas prices. Those who need gas the most, not being able to voice their views, will suffer the most from increased prices. Everyday when we drive down the highway, we see changes in advertised prices. One gas station may advertise gasoline at $2.69 per gallon and the consumer goes three miles down the road where another gas station advertises gas at $2.35 per gallon. Consumers will then make an extra effort to travel to the gas station with the cheaper price. If gas providers know they can make profits simply by increasing gas prices, why would they question the petroleum industry? The government should place price controls on gas. Low income families may not be able to afford high gasoline prices, which could lead to them not being able to make it to work and lose their jobs. The government should give compensation to consumers who suffer at the cost of rising gas prices. Tax cuts should be given at the end of the year and these cuts should be made permanent. Gas gouging isn't about management accuracy. It is about how consumers feel. It is clear prices at the pumps are rising at a fast pace. Gas gougers need to be punished. People have better things to do than to hunt for gas stations who offer reasonable gas prices. It is not fair to try to justify the increase in gas prices by pointing the finger at the cost of oil. If the supply and demand can not be leveled out, more efficient ways need to be developed to make up for the limited supply. If the majority of the people feel gas gouging has gone too far, then it is time for a change.
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