Gasoline Impact on Environment

Topics: Petroleum, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide Pages: 7 (2755 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Sheethal Mathew
Professor Moton
English 1 A
7 May 2012
Gasoline Impact on Environment
The quote “while the United States consumes nearly 25 percent of the world’s petroleum, as a country it maintains only 2 percent of the world’s petroleum reserves” itself should describes this country’s over consumption of petroleum ( Gasoline is refined crude oil which is formed inside the earth from fossils that died thousands of years back. There is only so little of the material left that it would not be enough to satisfy the need of this country for another generation if the current consumption rate is continued. The increased consumption of gasoline has damaged the soil. Along with that there are several other environmental damages that the burning of gasoline does like Ozone depletion, air pollution, acid rain, climate change etc. These effects are caused by the emission of CFCs, hydrocarbons, carbon di-oxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide with burning of gasoline from automobiles, and other fuel powered machines. Americans’ gasoline consumption has increased tremendously since the booming economy, resulting in the pollution of the environment, only if the consumers, the general public, adopt alternate eco-friendlier fuel options instead of petroleum based power fuel would minimize the negative impacts it would cause on the environment.

Earth’s climate had changed ever since its existence, but industrialization and invention of steam engine is what made those changes rapid and thus noteworthy. Claire Parkinson a NASA scientist, author of a few books on earth’s climate changes; said that since its existence the “percentage contribution of nitrogen in the atmosphere has risen to about 78%, from a starting point likely no higher than 1.5%” (Parkinson 73) over an “extended” time period. Here, the key factor to look at is the fact that the change occurred over an elaborate amount of time. Of course the change is inevitable, but an abrupt change can cause colossal effects. Since the alterations occurred in a long time the earth had time to accept the changes and get adjusted to the change accordingly. Ever since industrialization Earth has lost its chance to remodel itself to the needs of constant human needs. Parkinson exclaims, “the belief that large, long-lasting changes could occur only slowly changed in the late twentieth century, when evidence from Greenland ice cores and elsewhere strongly suggested that some large changes have happened very quickly” ( Parkinson 73). Although industrialization started in the early nineteen hundreds, gasoline powered operative machines only came into action by the mid- twentieth century. The fact that inconsistent “ice cores” melt occurred in late twentieth century, few decades after gasoline powered machines’ existence proves the tremendous and quick effect the emissions had on the atmosphere. The reasons behind these colossal environmental changes are the emissions of greenhouse gases created from the burning of petroleum fuel. “All these trace gases—CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and sulfur hexafluoride—enhance the greenhouse effect and thereby exert a forcing toward warming the Earth’s climate”, reveals the author. The greenhouse effect is the increase in earth’s temperature (Parkinson106). The main reason behind these colossal environmental changes are the emissions of greenhouse gases created from the burning of petroleum fuel. When these gases are emitted, them being denser than other components of air stays in the atmosphere and traps the heat. Also, some of these gases are creating holes in the membrane of earth that prevents ultra violet radiation heat from entering the earth’s surface—heat from some reaches the atmosphere at an alarming rate through these holes causing the icebergs to melt, and water level to rise at seas, which will potentially kill several major cities of the world. The membrane that has increasing number of holes in it is the Ozone....
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