George Bush, Tony Blair and Multiculturalism

Topics: United States, Liberalism, Liberal democracy Pages: 4 (1248 words) Published: January 26, 2013
A regard for one’s own interests and priorities, often at the cost of another’s •The often critiqued policies of the United States, which places a higher priority on it’s own interests (those that would be beneficial to it as a nation) than those that would help other nations more Humanitarianism

The doctrine that humanity’s obligations are concerned wholly with the welfare of the human race •An often used term in defining the foreign policy of Canada, which generally aims at helping others, regardless of how much benefit can be claimed in the cause •Can broach a wide variety of subjects such as hunger, welfare, war and poverty

A small, landlocked country located in the Middle East
Once the power-base of a terrorist political movement known as Al-Quida •The location of a “War on Terror” currently being fought with several different nations (including Canada) all in an attempt to weed out the base of support for terrorism

A reason, fact, circumstance or explanation that justifies or defends a position or action •The belief that the War on Terror (in Iraq and Afghanistan) is completely justified because of the terrorist attacks on American soil in September 2001 •Often used as a defense for the massive amounts of casualties and damage to various regions in the Middle East as the United States and her allies attempt to hunt down and eradicate those who would “cause terror on an international scale”

George W. Bush
The former Republican president of the United States
The Commander in Chief during the September 11 attacks
The man responsible for declaring war on both Afghanistan and Iraq •Often criticized for making poor choices in office, hiding official facts and documents from the public and driving the United States into a deep recession and arguably unwinnable war

Tony Blair
The former Prime Minister of England
Famously backed George Bush’s plan to invade Iraq and...
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