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Why did Gladstone describe his first ministry as an era of Liberation? Gladstone first came into power in 1968 aged 59. He dominated British politics from 1868-1894. Many people said that Gladstone was the Liberal party. Gladstone drove the Liberal party to success therefore he was able to describe his first ministry an era of Liberation. Gladstone’s first ministry was a success. There was aspects to the Liberal that may have helped/hindered the parties success. Gladstone’s Liberal Party was sectioned into different groups. These groups involved the whigs, Peelites, Radicals, and Liberals. In fact Gladstone also had a rival within the party known as Joseph Chamberlain. Gladstone’s came into power in a time when technology was advancing very quickly. For example the railway was developing very quickly so Gladstone was able to travel to different cities and deliver his speech. Along with that the printing press was also developing so the news was able to get around the country much quicker. The main thing that made Gladstone’s first ministry so successful was some of the acts that he passed. One act that won over a lot supporters for the Liberals was the Irish Church Act. This was one of the most successful pieces of Gladstone’s Irish Legislation. The act over all in 1869 disestablished churches in Ireland. The act was passed quite easily, the reason for this being the fact that the only 12% of the population was Anglican. The passing of the act won over a great bulk of the nonconformist in Ireland which would be very beneficial for the party. The passing of the act is judged as the road to recovery of the Liberals as it removed a major Irish grievance and extended the principle of religious liberalism/equality. However, this does not mean that Gladstone was very popular in Ireland. Apart from the Irish Church act there are other acts that were less popular. Two examples are the Irish Land Act and Universities Act. The Land act meant that there was a limitation...
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