Globalisation has benefited the richest countries at the expense of the poorest.

Topics: Poverty, Petroleum, Wealth Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 10, 2014
1.Globalisation has benefited the richest countries at the expense of the poorest.

Globalisation is the transportation of trades, ideas, technology and capital from national economies to international economy. It promotes free trade, free market, capital flow, communication and allows more competition. The process is possible through recent advances in telecommunication, for example most of US and British service sector relocate its call centre facilities to low wage countries such as India, where they earn high profit by paying low wage to its labour and provide low standard of living. Another example is the clothes industries designed in high wage countries, manufactured in low income countries then sold in UK or other part of Europe and America counties. Rich countries take advantage poor countries in order to gain good returns. The process occurs through multinational companies who goes to poor countries and buy their factor endowment at cheaper prices and sell at higher prices. An example OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) act as joint venture uses Nigeria to extract crude oil earning billion of dollars from it and “leave the residents of the area like horse manure.” ( U.S imports about 10% of Nigerian crude oil. They extract oil and leave Nigeria to suffer while they make the most from it. Nigeria it’s still developing despite all the abundant raw material they have. The multinationals oil companies are cruel to poor countries if they could divide half of the profit with the country they wouldn’t have been left behind. The oil extraction in Nigeria by the multinational companies cost many lives and continue to endanger them as well as the environment. Nigeria is one the poor countries in the world yet they have the resources to make them one of the riches countries in the world but lack of capital made them easy to be exploited by multinational oil companies such as shell. It made U.S wealthier and more...
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