GMGT 1010 Short Paper

Topics: Petroleum, Fossil fuel, Carbon Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 18, 2015
GMGT 1010 short paper
Thesis: the real issue is moving away from the use of fossil fuels and there transport (dichotomy) The easiest way to prevent accidents hauling crude oil isn’t to improve railway safety or build more pipelines it is to stop the movement of crude oil. Every single accident involving crude oil could have been averted if we just left it in the ground Oil spills in Canada and the US ( only includes major spills Environmental effects: ( By 2200 temperature is expected to rise another .9-1.6 degrees Celsius CO2 concentrations are expected to rise to 480 PPM

1. a. Who are the stakeholders? That is, identify the different groups of people whom are affected by choices in this instance. Also, include in your analysis how many different ways different groups of people are affected.

Oil companies: with the ban of fossil fuels all oil companies would effectively be destroyed Canadian people: 550 000 jobs will be lost. Major inconvience with loss of various products. Government: crude oil invests 62 billion dollars into Canadian economy

b. How does a country build its economy and culture? Why are both collective and individual choice important? Government needs to make collective choices when the people can’t make it on their own. When people continually show they can’t do what’s rights the government must step in and make change happen. This is true in the case of fossil fuels. People across the globe have shown that they cannot control there fossil fuel use as it continues to grow higher.

c. How does change take place? Is it through leadership? Only through evolution? Through increased regulation and government monitoring? Through a change in the way managers think? Explain. Change takes place in a variety of ways. If Canadian...
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