Topics: Democratic Party, Conservatism, Centre-right Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: February 4, 2014
Milestone – Mr Archer – year 13 government & politics Two broad coalitions with more ideological differences within them than between them. To what extent is this still an accurate description of the democratic and the republican party (30 marks). The names of the US political parties suggest that they are not ideologically exclusive, as democracy and republicanism are two completely different ideologies in which the two party names seam to project. For example a belief of democracy is that Sovereignty is and should be held by the population as a whole, where as in republicanism it is believed that Sovereignty should be held by the people. However this is not the case with the issue seen here, is it that the two parties have less differences between them than within them. As for ideology in the US the “left wing” ideology is non-existence meaning there is only a right wing ideology unlike in the UK where there are both, labour being the party of the left of centre and the conservatives being the party of the right of centre. Diverse of the US whose parties overlap on ideology, the democrats within their party have the conservative democrats and the liberal democrats likewise with the republicans who have the conservative republicans and the moderate republicans. Is there any real difference between the parties? To begin with Barack Obama whom is a member of the Democratic Party is likewise a republican as in some issues he believes in the principles of the republican government. Equally Mitt Romney who is a Republican Party member also holds some believes of the Democratic Party, as well as in the past being registered as a democrat. This point alone shows that the democrats and the republicans are not as different as most expect them to be and that in fact their views cross over on issues and members of both parties share views on issues such as gun control. “Obama agrees to an individual's right to bear arms, in principle, but does not take it as an absolute...
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