Guantanamo Bay

Topics: Human rights, Law, Guantanamo Bay detention camp Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Democratic Irony

Torture without reason in a democratic country is at it’s best unjustified and ineffective.

The United States of America prides itself as being one of the most powerful democracies around the world and The U.S.’s continued use of Guantanamo Bay, a corrupt institution, as an interrogation facility provides a great example of their ignorance toward basic human rights, their unwillingness to release possibly innocent immigrants back to their countries and lastly disregarding the option of altering interrogation methods or the closing of such an institution.

The U.S. being one of the world’s superpowers also infringes upon human rights by funding and supporting Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay demonstrates the U.S.’s willingness to gain military intelligence at the cost of possible innocent people’s sanity and at times their lives.

Residents at Guantanamo Bay are often held without being told about what they are being held for, their right to habeas corpus is withdrawn from them. Also, on average only one in every one hundred and seventy two detainees at Guantanamo Bay has been given a trial. In addition, the Pentagon has been reluctant to allow aid agencies like the Red Cross to visit the detainees and inspect their living conditions. The torture at Guantanamo Bay is so severe that it caused three residents (Mani al-Utaybi, age 30; Yasser al-Zahrani, age 20; and Ali Abdullah Ahmed, age 37) to commit suicide . However, there is controversy as to whether these three men killed themselves or were strangled by Guantanamo Bay guards or interrogators and strung up to make their death appear like a suicide.

During year 2002 Canada became directly involved with Guantanamo Bay. A fifteen year old kid who was alleged to have thrown a grenade killing an American soldier was brought to Guantanamo Bay and was detained there until last year. Omar Khadr was held at Guantanamo Bay and during 2008 he applied to the federal court for...
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