History of Education

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1. What is empowerment?
To give permission or power to do something; in simple words it means to give the confidence to do something Increasing the political, spiritual or economic capacity of individuals in a society

2. Education plays a very important part in improving individual’s well-being and society’s economic and social development

3. It is very important today that both men and women should be educated if we want our society and economy to be prosperous

4. Why is empowering girls through education very important in contemporary Islamic society?

Educating girls brings many benefits to society.  As educated mother gives importance to education and they invest more in their children's schooling and this improves society's development prospect.  They strongly believe and practice family planning.  They give equal importance to education, health and increase the productivity of future generation.  And if they are not educated then the productivity and capacity of future generation will be low.

5. What are some of the benefits of empowering women through education?

As female education rises, fertility, population growth, and infant and child mortality fall and family health improves. Increases in girls' secondary school enrollment are associated with increases in women's participation in the labor force and their contributions to household and national income. Women's increased earning capacity, in turn, has a positive effect on child nutrition. Children — especially daughters — of educated mothers are more likely to be enrolled in school and to have higher levels of educational attainment. Educated women are more politically active and better informed about their legal rights and how to exercise them.

Thus women's education should be taken as a serious issue and steps should be taken to bring awareness about importance of education among every woman both in urban and rural area.  This way many of the social problems like poverty,...
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