How Does Military Bearing Affects the Work Center and the People Around You

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Military bearing affects the work center and the people around you in different ways. Having good and bad military bearing will always have different results. With a mess up no would not want to work with you at all. Good military bearing affects everyone in a positive way. You will have a positive attitude about everything you do and more. Everything wills eventually workout the way you want and need it to be. With good military bearing show that you know what you are doing. Someone will task you with something and know for a fact you will get the job done with no supervision. Bad military bearing will definitely affect and everyone else. Your bad military bearing will have a negative affect on yourself and will start to rub off on everyone else. Bad military bearing someone will never go to you with a task, if they have to someone will go with you to make sure that job get finished. Having a mess up attitude about everything you do. No one will never want too work with or for you at all. With a great attitude will always want to work with and for all the time. With military bearing it will always affect what you do and how you do it. Always think about it and realize is it the right thing or the wrong thing to. Always keep proper military bearing because you will never know what might happen when you don’t. No matter what military bearing will always be there even when you’re out on liberty. Your direct representative of the armed forces, so always remember that.
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