How Far Do the Sources Agree

Topics: 1950s, Reliability, 1950 Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: August 28, 2013
1. How far do the sources agree about the amount of support that McCarthy had in the early 1950? It can be stated that there were 5000- 6000 fan letters sent to McCarthy, this suggest people were still supporting McCarthyism during the 1950, according to source A. However source A is a picture of a puzzled McCarthy with thousands of letters .As+ we cannot verify the supporting letters in source A , it could also be said , that the letters in the picture are hate letters. Thus the reliability of source A is questionable. Source B is an extract from a book, showing the amount support for McCarthyism in 1950, in terms of the letters to McCarthy, with one stating “why don’t you get the rats out of the state department”. On the other hand the book had an evidence of a newspaper reporter Drew Pearson diary, questioning the loyalty of the supporters McCarthyism had. Since source B is a book, the author could have included his own opinion in it, suggesting that the information is unreliable. done on this topic. Source C is an extract from the Times magazine establishing, McCarthy is of “no use” in helping to find the guilty. There are some people who believe, that there is some good reasoning behind the ideas of McCarthy and McCarthyism. Although, there were few people who were against the ideas of McCarthyism and oppose McCarthy. Therefore it could be said that this source shows a neutral opinion on McCarthyism in 1950. Due to the extract coming from the popular source – “times magazine” it is reliable. A picture expressing the fight between the anti communist squad and communists in front a car factory in 1950’s is used for source D. It is intended to show the loyalty of supports following McCarthyism, suggesting that there was an active and powerful movement of McCarthyism, during the 1950s. The reliability of this source is doubtful, since picture could be showing a local fight or it could be staged since there is no physical conflict. To sum all up Source A , B...
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