How Far Do You Agree That the Use of Repression Was the Main Reason for the Weakness of Opposition to Tsarism in the Years 1881 – 1914?

Topics: Russian Empire, Soviet Union, Liberalism Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: September 7, 2013
How far do you agree that the use of repression was the main reason for the weakness of opposition to Tsarism in the years 1881 – 1914? I think that the use of repression is the main reason for the weakness of oppositions to Tsarism in the years 1881 – 1914. This is because of many different reasons and factors. One is because the Tsar enforced Russification of the country, meaning the people who were not necessarily a true Russian who enforced the Russian Orthodox Church were made to. People were taught about how Russia was great but not taught about the down sides and faults of Russia. The universities were shut down meaning there was less education to make people into the workers that Russia really needed. This resulted in many jobs that were needed to produce essentials had less people to do them so not enough merchandise was there. This also meant the Russian Orthodox Church taught the children in schools, as they had no teachers from universities to teach them. The cycle of Russification was coming around again as they were being taught the Russian history but not any defeats in wars and how to be a perfect Russian. Those who did not belong to the church were uneducated because they believed that only Russians who were part of the church should have the privilege to be educated. The Okhrana (the secret police) was also a big contribution in the weakening of the opposition to Tsarism because they were on the Tsars side, so they were advised to arrest anyone who did not obey the Tsars orders or were not being a true Russian. The Okrhana created a lot of tension because everyone, including people who were very close and loyal to the tsar were being checked and investigated. The censorship of newspapers and books was also another big problem. The Zemstova, Church and Tsar censored things that were not Russian as they believed it would cause an outburst of controversy. The Russians may read things that contradict the Tsar so they censored it and made sure no...
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