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Six Components to Consider when Developing a Training Program A good training program follows a series of steps for developing and delivering training, whether it’s training designed for a single library building with one staff member, or a large library system with many staff members, or whether it’s oneon-one training, a single class, or a series of classes. The following flow chart illustrates the core components to consider when developing a training program. To learn more about each of these components in order to develop your own training program plan, read the corresponding section and follow the annotated links to resources on each topic. In WebJunction Learning Center’s Developing a Training Program section, you will find many of the handouts described below.

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Setting Goals
A training goal is a broad statement describing what your library hopes to achieve. Goals are an important component of any training program. Goals can help: • Outline new knowledge or skills that will be gained through training. • Clarify or further develop your library’s mission or vision. • Foster better communication and more freedom to operate. • Define clear responsibilities for staff members and create greater job satisfaction. • Provide a framework for evaluating programs and services. Some examples of training program goals include: “To train staff and patrons to use the library’s technology and information resources.” “To provide training that enables users to access all available resources in the library.”

Tips for setting goals:
• Look at your mission and start brainstorming ideas; your goals can grow from these seeds. • Invite every member of your team to participate; your goals should reflect the shared vision of your library. • Develop action plans to achieve your goals. • Revisit your goals often as your training program evolves. After the training program goals are developed, the next step is to create goals for staff and public that clarify what they should strive to achieve. To see some sample library mission statements paired with library training goals, visit Developing Training Goals at WebJunction.

Establishing Competencies
Once your library’s training goals are established, the next step is to write competencies for various staff positions and for public users within your library. Competencies are descriptions of the abilities or skills required for exceptional performance of a particular role or function. Technology training competencies provide a common set of standards and expectations for each position within the library, reinforcing the mission. Competencies can empower the learner with a measure of what they should strive to accomplish. Remember, if you don’t observe the behavior described by the competency, then you have found an opportunity for training. Check it out: tips for developing competencies Library Support Staff A great resource to guide libraries in creating competencies for their library staff, this website provides an extensive list of websites and articles related to library competencies. American Library Association ditions1/Samplers/avery.pdf This article, posted by the American Library Association, provides suggestions for staff development and outlines core competencies for library staff in an ever-changing world. Purdue University The Purdue University Library system has an extensive staff development program. Part of the program includes a break down of skills or core competencies necessary for an employee to have. The...
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