hunger games controversy

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Outside Reading Assignment: Hunger Games

The Hunger Games has a huge conservative Christian message, but the great thing is the message isn’t overpowering. This is the story that takes place in the remains of the United States after the liberals have succeeded in abolishing God and Christ from the culture completely by successfully creating their own Utopia- which isn’t really what it is hyped up to be, it’s a nightmare for anyone not in the liberal class. The liberals take residency in Panem, a hipped-out modern capitol city. The residents are all a bunch of rich children of rich children of rich children who live meaningless lives without suffering any consequences. Its very easy to spot a liberal because they have wild haircuts, facial tattoos, cat-whisker implants, and etc. That and they also live in absolute luxury, completely oblivious that others don’t live the same way. Panem, which is actually Latin for bread, pictures itself as the bread givers to all the residents of the districts. Each district is filled with poor slave-like people who are forced to fulfill a specific requirement for the liberal class. There are twelve districts, the grain district, the coal district, power, electronics, transportation, masonry, and several other districts that help fulfill the requirements of those that run the country.

About 75 years earlier, there was a 13th district, but they revolted, forcing the capitol to destroy it and kill everyone. To remind everyone of this horrific event and show that it will not be tolerated, the capitol requires a yearly “reaping” where each district draws the names of a teenage girl and boy from a jar of names. The chosen two go on to participate in the hunger games for the entertainment of those in the capitol. They are first dressed up, paraded around and then taken to the large outdoor, inescapable arena. There they are unleashed in front of a giant gold breadbasket called the “cornucopia,” which has...
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