Hydraulic Fracturing

Topics: Petroleum, Natural gas, Oil well Pages: 2 (280 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Hydraulic Fracturing “Fracking”
a. Fracking History
i. Who/How was hydraulic fracturing developed? 1. Why?
ii. Different uses for Fracking
1. Oil Field
2. Natural Gas

b. Fundamentals of Fracking
i. What is fracking?
1. Detailed Information: How it works.
ii. Efficiency
iii. Necessity
1. Purpose
2. Importance to our society

c. Fracking and Our Environment
i. Precautions
ii. Natural Disasters
1. Earthquakes
2. Sinkholes
iii. Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing
iv. Contaminated water disposal
1. Procedures
2. Regulations
v. Possible Contaminations of Water Table
vi. Actual Contaminations of Water Table
1. Location
2. Type
3. Outcome

d. Hydraulic Fracturing Pros and Cons
i. Pros
1. Oil and Natural Gas Production
a. Gasoline
b. Electricity
c. Manufacturing Products
2. Increase in oil/natural gas production 3. Potential Energy Independce
ii. Cons
1. Use of chemicals
2. Water Table Contamination
3. Short and long term damages to the Environment 4. Running out of fossil fuels

For my interview I will be speaking to two engineers from two different hydraulic fracturing companies. One of the companies will be Frac Tech out of Artesia, New Mexico and the other prefers to stay anonymous due to legality issues. Both of the companies are fairly large...

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