Ideology, Partisanship and Pragmatism

Topics: Liberalism, Ideology, Political philosophy Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Political ideology is a set of certain values and beliefs about the public policy of the government that vary from person to person, race to race and so on. Traditionally there are two groups based on 2 different ideologies which are liberalism and conservatism, there are different factors that influence everyone to be either of the ideologies. America’s civic values are those with which it began under the founding fathers, summed up they are individual freedoms, liberty and morals. America has a liberal political culture over all, which means it supports individuals’ rights, and favors an active government which deals with economic issues and generally works to achieve the nation’s welfare. There are five elements to the American creed aka Liberalism, first is Liberty; which involves freedom from government interference and also from oppression under majority. Second is Egalitarianism; which is the belief that all citizens should have political equality along with equality in opportunities. Thirdly Individualism which is the belief that people don’t need handouts from the government and can go on by their own accord. Fourth is Laissez-faire; this is an economic system belief that it should be run simply according to supply and demand, without government regulation, hence the term free market. Last is the fifth element Populism; it supports the right of the average individual against privileged elites. The Texas creed largely represents that of the American creed. Its five elements are Individualism, Liberty, Constitutionalism, democracy and equality. These elements hold slightly different meanings from the American creed. Individualism under the Texas creed is the idea that every man makes her or her own fate, and defends the Texas rugged individualism and its land attachment. As far as Constitutionalism and Democracy is concerned, Texas has placed limits on the government by having its own Bill of Rights. Equality...

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