Interpretations of American History

Topics: United States, White American, American Civil War Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Jimenez 1
Jorge Alberto Jimenez Vidrio
Professor: W. B. Horlor
U.S. History 100
January 26, 2012
Interpretations of American History
There has been a notable change in the American History from the last 400 years until now. At the beginning the American History the subjects that the historians interpreted were politics, diplomacy and war. The only people who could do the interpreting were only white male Americans. The contemporary American historians wrote nearly about everything that affected everybody. This times were very different from what they are now, when you read history, you are reading the historian's point of view or encounter with the world. The historians were fully dedicated to this, they spend hours, days, years of their life's to prove the reality comes away. They were characterized by nationality or their school of thought. The historians can be Jeffersonian liberal, nationalist, progressive, feminist or postmodernist; for example, Perry Miller in the twentieth century American liberalism, Kenneth Stampp's was engaged with the civil rights movement, Kathryn Sklar's ideas were feminist (p.72). In those times everything was like they African American people couldn't be historians, because they only accepted white male Americans, also they were male chauvinist, women couldn't be historians and not only that, they were excluded from everything, they didn't have the right to vote, to be in the politics, work, they Jimenez 2

could not do anything. History is successful when it tells you how things where, the only thing that could take you there was the imagination, but now, with all the technology that we have, we even can make a picture or a sketch of how the things were. basing on the things that had been found also. One of the things that the historians did, they constantly criticize, correct and supplement other historian point of view, they get closer to the truth arguing with one another. Historiography reminds you that history is...
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