Intian Petroleum Research

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TABLE OF CONTENT TOPIC CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Uniqueness of petroleum industry 1.3 No. of players 1.4 Market Share 1.5 Contribution to Indian Economy CHAPTER 2: INDUATRY DYNAMICS 2.1 Products and Services offered 2.1 Performance of petroleum and natural gas sector 2.2 Crude oil production 2.3 Natural gas production 2.4 Coal Bed Methane (CBM) 2.5 Production and consumption of petroleum products 2.6 Import of crude oil 2.7 Import and Export of petroleum products 2.8 Country wise export of petroleum products 2.9 Import of natural gas through pipeline 2.10 LPG as Auto fuel 2.11 Conservation of petroleum products 2.12 Earnings of public sector undertaking 2.13 Refinery Capacity Utilization 2.14 Fuel Production 2.15 Industrial Consumption of petroleum products 2.16 Consumption of fuel 2.17 Difference in production and consumption of various fuels 2.18 Trends in Prices CHAPTER 3: OUT LOOK 3.1 Trends in Prices 3.2 Financial Performance 3.3 Contribution to Employment 3.4 Social Welfare 3.5 Employment Scenario LIST OF ANNEXURES Annexure 1 Annexure 2 Annexure 3 Annexure 4 Annexure 5 Annexure 6 Annexure 7 Annexure 8 Annexure 9 Annexure 10

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Indian Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry for any underdeveloped, developing and developed county is very critical and important. The various important function of this industry is exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and obviously marketing of various petroleum products. Fuel Oil and Gasoline (Petrol) are the most important products of this industry. For the production of various pharmaceutical products, fertilizers and chemical products etc. petroleum is also used as the raw material. If we analyze the world’s energy consumption pattern we get a much clear picture about the importance of petroleum for any nation. On a total scale the world consumes 30 billion barrels (4.8 km3) of oil per year on an average. All the developed and the developing nations are the largest consumer of this consumption. The consumption pattern for various areas is like South and Central America (44%), Africa (41%). North America (40%). The US consumes almost 25% of World’s total production. 1

Uniqueness of Petroleum Industry:
The petroleum industry is such an industry which has the largest earning capacity. The various petroleum products are diversified in a very wide range. The main functional areas of this industry are extraction of crude, refining of crude, processing and transporting. The main problem faced by the entire petroleum industry is the pollution problem. The refining of crude oil creates huge pollution by producing various harmful gases. Another problem is of drilling mud. When the drilling work is done a huge amount of crude, water, soil mixture gets wasted. Here innovative and upgraded technology is required to minimize the wastage of petroleum. The leakage and drainage problems are also one of the major barriers in case of refinery work. Good piping technology and proper drainage system is also very essential in this industry. One thing we must appreciate that India has very limited production of petroleum in comparison with demand scenario. In this condition the wastage is a critical issue which must be addressed properly.

No of Players:
For India the corresponding body with the responsibility of exploration, production of oil and natural gases, their refining, distribution, marketing, import, export and conservation of various petroleum products and natural gases is the “MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM & NATURAL GAS”. There are various public sector and other organizations under the ministry of petroleum & natural gas that are mainly responsible for all the above mentioned...
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