Is this real?

Topics: Petroleum, Natural gas, Coal Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: November 21, 2013

Before I began writing this paper I was neutral on the subject of natural gas fracking, I had never heard of it and had no idea how destructive this process of extraction was. The further I got on this report, the more furious I became that this was happening on US soil, and not only that but people in the highest levels of government were not only sanctioning it, but using their power in public office to advance the agenda of companies that they were either running before they cae into office, or companies that friends were running, or were just giving them kickbacks, which would be the only reason that anyone would let this go on. After doing just a small amount of research you realize rather quickly how detrimental this process is, not only to the environment, but to the helpless animals who had had wells built in their migration patterns. Not to mention the helpless children whos parents had no idea what the were getting themselves and their families into when they signed what appeared to be a harmless contract allowing a drilling company to put up a small rig on their property. Who didn’t realize that in a short amount of time they would be able to light the water coming out of their faucet on fire, that their animals would loose their hair, have problems eating and die. The fact that any human being would allow this to be done to other human beings all in the name of money is beyond me, but I’ll get into that later. What is hydraulic fracturing anyway? The U.S. contains gas fields that rival the oil fields sizes in Saudi Arabia. Ironically, it’s because of fracking that the United States now has enough oil and gas to potentially meet what has been an insatiable need for energy. Fracking enables operators to capture enormous amounts of oil and gas previously inaccessible. The only problem is that it’s not as simple as just drilling into these pockets and extracting the gas. The problem is this gas is contained in geologic formations, such as...
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