Is This the End of Oil Production

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Is This the End of Oil Production?
One of the most pressing current economic issues is oil production and distribution. It’s an issue that has been continuing to shock people for decades now. As cars become a necessity in American society, fuel is used even more than it used to. It seems like everyone has a vehicle and all vehicles require oil based fuels. Almost everyone in the United States uses some sort of transportation to go places like work, home, to the store, even to visit family. Truck drivers go cross country to transport goods, but they wouldn't be able to if they didn't have oil in their trucks. Busses transport a majority of lower class Americans to where ever they need to go, yet without oil, these busses wouldn't move and these people would be stuck walking to where ever it is they need to go. Believe it or not the lives of many Americans revolve around oil. But with prices rising, the amount of people that are willing and able to pay for fuel is decreasing every day. Why are the prices rising? Simple oil is becoming a scarce resource to come cross. And as the need for fuel increases, the possibility of getting it is decreasing. As issues continue to heat up in the middle east and we continue to press issues with the Middle East the United States in return gets less and less oil from them. Prices of oil have gone from $23.15 a barrel in 2000 to $71.21 a barrel in 2010 (“Historical Crude Oil Prices”).

If you were to look at this economic issue you would find that it wasn’t always like this. When the automobile was first invented cars would run off of steam. Cars were just as fast and current for the year they were invented ("The History of The Automobile"). One of the biggest issues causing the loss of oil is conflict in the Middle East. With war and constant fighting going on between the United States, and countries that the U.S supports, against countries of the Middle East we end up with less oil. They don't want to trade oil or any other resource with someone who is constantly intruding on them or in full support of a country who is always trying to do things against these other countries. Because we have been in constant conflict with the Middle East it becomes harder and harder for the United States to obtain pure oil. They don't want to give the United States any sort of oil, so we begin to fight with these countries. As a result of the fighting we in time end up with less oil than before.

Although we may not be able to fix all these current issues going on in the Middle East, there are three decent solutions that could be taken into consideration to in time fix the issue of oil production and distribution. First, we could switch from oil based fuels to more obtainable resources like pure ethanol. Second, we could mine the millions of barrels worth of oil that is located throughout the Rocky Mountains. Last, the current driving population can switch to more economically preferred cars like electric cars and smart cars.

Using ethanol to fix the current issue is a great idea, but it's more an idea then a solution. This is simply because ethanol is not a suitable substance for current cars to fuel off of. The oil industry tried to preserve a lot of the oil we had by putting ethanol into the oil to make it last longer. Also to attempt to switch from oil based fuels to ethanol based fuels. It clearly didn’t work to well because the United States doesn’t use ethanol in their fuel any longer. Eventually the hype that it brought on faded because ethanol was in time effecting engines instead of helping them ("Ethanol Fuel Disadvantages"). Switching to ethanol may in time help out the oil issue; but it would create another issue, engines. Car maintenance would go up and eventually a substantial need for new types of engines would absolutely have to be created. With the issue of an engine comes tons of money from the government and tax payers to eventually come out with an engine that can be used with...

Bibliography: Admin. “The US Governments Secret Colorado Oil Discovery.” Web Document. 1 March. 2006
Admin, author of The Us Governments Secret Colorado Oil Discovery, claims that Colorado has an unspeakable amount of untapped oil that can be used for oil production. This thesis is developed by showing evidence of the amount of oil that is in Colorado; and scientific land surveys that also show how much untapped amounts of oil is in Colorado. The underlying purpose throughout the article is to inform people of what the government is keeping from us, in order to show how much could be used to help oil production and cut costs. The audience is anyone who happens to come across the article, this is shown because the dictation isn’t too difficult and the tone is decent. I chose this article to show that there are mass amounts of oil that can and should be used for oil production to cut the costs of gas.
Hybrid Cars Inc., Electric Cars: A Definitive Guide. Web. 2011.
Hybrid Cars Inc., author of Electric Cars: A Definitive Guide, teach everything there is to know about a hybrid car and why it is better to have a hybrid or electric car than it is to have any other one. They develop this thesis, as well as their credibility, by breaking down all of the good that comes with having a hybrid car and how long they have been studying and looking into these cars. Hybrid Cars Inc. overall purpose behind this entire article is to inform and try to convince people to convert from a normal gas guzzling car to a hybrid vehicle, in order to keep emissions and greenhouse gases down. The intended audience, which is apparent through the tone and context of the article, is anyone who owns a hybrid, to get better knowledge and understanding of them, and people who are skeptical in purchasing a hybrid. This, to me, is a valuable source when writing about gasoline because hybrids and rechargeable cars are an alternative to oil production.
K, Ethan., Energy Refuge. Web. 2006.
Energy Refuge, written by Ethan K., is an informative article about the important role that ethanol is bringing into the automotive industry and claims that it is a sustainable source of energy for our vehicles to use. He develops this claim by talking about how ethanol would work, and why it can be more beneficial than oil production for vehicles. Ethan’s purpose is to bring to everyone’s attention that there are alternative products available to keep our cars running; he does this in order to increase the potential popularity, and knowledge, of this source. The intended audience, which is shown by his diction and context, is anyone who is unaware of ethanol and why it would work so well. I chose this article as a source because it brings another possible answer to the problem at hand.
McDonald, Zach. “Increasing Domestic Oil Production Would Have Little Effect on Gas Prices.” PluginCars. Web. 26 April. 2011.
Zach McDonald, author of an informative article Increasing Domestic Oil Production Would Have Little Effect on Gas Prices, claims that even if we did increase the tapping of United States oil, the chances of gas prices going down are slim to none. McDonald supports this thesis by bringing past and present evidence into his article. The purpose of the article is to bring oil production to people’s attention in order to show that even if we did take what seemed to be the easiest route, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to change much. Zach’s intended audience, which is shown through his content and diction, is his peers who don’t seem to know much about oil production and believe that simply drilling more oil will knock prices down. This is a good article to use as a source because it does show why just drilling more oil may not be the best alternative.
“The History of the Automobile”. Ask Automotive. Web. 2011.
Ask Automotive, the authors of The History of the Automobile, an automotive article, inform with almost everything about the history of the car and car industry; along with when the first automobile was created. The author supports this by bringing in the history of the engine, automobile, and then bring in how the engine is used today. The purpose of Ask Automotive is to inform unknowledgeable people about the automotive industry. The intended audience of this article are peers and people who do not know much about the history of the automobile, this is shown through his tone. I used this article for background information and history help throughout my paper when speaking about the automobile.
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