Issues faced by womans

Topics: Woman, Sociology, Gender Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: December 20, 2013
The whole situation in today’s women orld leads to some basic questions. Do women feel insecure, unhappy and dissatisfied more than their predecessors? Why are they confused about women’s role and position in modern society? Is employment making women economically strong, but socially and emotionally broken? What can be done to empower women? Is there any mid-way, which could make women secure, aware, confident and happy without disturbing the familial peace and social harmony? 1. Why women are relegated to secondary position? Women comprise of 50% of the world population. It is an anomaly that though they possess diverse capabilities and are of valuable service in various nation-building activities, they had been relegated to secondary position till very recent past by the modern society. Why? Is it because they belong to weaker sex? Or they are incapable or incompetent? Nay, it is not so. 2. It is apoint to ponder why modern women is still insecure and unhappy, despite attaining so much success in almost every sphere of modern world.  Women have played multiple roles in life and in each role their performance is par excellence. Still Women-folk have to suffer innuendo physical and emotional problems despite of all the changes and developments happened in the modern women’s world. The position of women in real life is still far from satisfactory. There is still a deep entrenched discrimination against them almost in every walk of life. It crosses all the borders, age of region, caste, class or community. 3. Why is she confused about what her role should be in real-life?

4. Women in Eastern World
5.  The eastern world, especially nations in Asia are still struggling to give to its women their rightful place. Problems of high female mortality rate, sexual harassment, deaths during childbirths still exist there. There are millions of women who have go through sexual harassment, domestic violence, discrimination, abuse or are denied of pleasures of...
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