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Abstract I as a student of University of Derby was assigned to do this assignment of the module (Issues in global business and consultancy). In this assessment I had to study the major global organization and to do the in depth investigation of the organization based on one or two topics introduced in the module. I have decided to choose one topic from the module and that is ethical issues in global business. This assignment is the case study research of the organization i.e. British petroleum in the aspects of the global business ethical issues. The research is all about the case study, gathering information from the multiple sources, mainly through the internet, and the finding the issues and analyzing them whether they are of human rights ethical issues or corruption. Environmental and employment practices issues will also be discussed.

Table of contents

Research methodology3
Introduction and history of British Petroleum (BP)4
Introduction to the BTC pipeline6
Ethical issue of BTC Project:7
Environmental ethical issues7
Ethical issues regarding human rights7
Corruption Issues7
E mployement practices Issues8
Analysis of ethical issues:8
Environmental issues analysis8
Analysis of human rights issues8
Analysis of corruption issues9
Analysis of employement practices issues9

Research Methodology:
In this section I will describe the research methods that I will use to gather the information about the organization’s case in order to investigate, analyse and interpret data from the case study. This assignment is followed by a case study research on BP which needs a systematic approach that is step by step gathering and analysis of the data through investigation, report, discussion and conclusion. The research approach which I will be using is mono method research in which I will use single approach to research, that is qualitative approach rather than quantitative approach. Mono method research is basically a one type of research method. I will be using online desk research by only be gathering data through internet by researching online and published journals, articles, company’s websites and case studies. The research will be qualitative because the case studies are analysed and expressed through words and with the use of conceptualization. The qualitative data is less structured and interpreted by facts and theories in the case. There are two types of research process that is linear and cyclical research process. Linear process follow deductive approach and the cyclical research process follow inductive approach. This case study research requires cyclical research process followed by inductive approach which includes exploration, asking of questions, collection of data and analyzing it. I have selected one topic which is covered in this module that is ethical issues in the global business. I will apply inductive approach to research on this topic by going through these four stages: Stage 1: Selection of a project, defining scope in terms of issues and deciding the main issues (which I decided as ethical issues) Stage 2: By gaining access to the data and by defining scope in terms of people and places. Stage 3: This stage will involves ethnographic research cycle, which includes; asking ethnographic questions, collecting ethnographic data, recording ethnographic data and analyzing ethnographic data. Stage 4: By reporting conclusions and implications for policy and practice. I have to do investigation through multiple of sources. Information sources include primary, secondary and tertiary data. Mainly I will search primary and secondary data through internet which includes printed sources, company’s reports and journals,...

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