Issues Related to Social Development in Adulthood

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Taking a story and finding out if all of the information was given and was it given without biased.

While Reading the papers recently California residents may have read and seen that the gas prices have skyrocketed to record breaking highs in the last two weeks or may be even less. The state average is roughly four dollars and sixty one cents in California. Nationally the average was three eighty one said AAA. In this article at one point it blames it towards political means by saying "California's consumers are all too familiar with energy price spikes which cannot be explained by market fundamentals, and which turn out years later to have been the result of malicious and manipulative trading activity." (welch, 2012). In the same story another side states “Petroleum analysts say California's problems have been compounded by a combination of reduced production at refineries and an annual shift from a summer gasoline blend to a winter blend with fewer additives.” (welch, 2012). There is bias on both side of the subject some is more obvious than others. There were facts that were left like the fact that California has to make to different fuel compositions for winter and for summer. They had taken the time to look at from a national point of view, but this had now effect on the rest of the world. There were a lot of implications for fuel refineries shutting down to the fact they need to change the fuel for the upcoming winter seasons along with some local refineries that have been closed down recently. This subject is touchy depending on which side you stand. There are also factors like those that must be taken into consideration. There business’ closing down and refusing to sell their gas at these prices. This sudden spike in gas prices shocked everyone in the state. It has even caused thefts in the state that...
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