Jackfruit as oil

Topics: Petroleum, Gasoline, Water Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Oil price hike is one of the major problems in the country. To get rid of this problem, the researchers tried to increase the sources of oil to lower its price. The researchers used Jackfruit seeds as alternative source of oil. It is because jackfruit was available in the market. It also has the properties and substances oil has. The researchers gathered the seeds and extracted liquid from it, and it was heated. After 5 minutes, the researchers removed it from heat. The materials used are Jackfruit seeds, grater, fine cloth, basin, stove, pan and mortar and pestle. The product produce was more viscous than commercial oil and less transparent. The researchers recommend the use of plant oils like oil from Jackfruit seeds because plant oils are healthier. According to the researchers, Jackfruit seeds are a potential source of oil. One of the important uses of plants in the production of oil. Oil is a very important resource, much in demand everywhere in the world and is used in a variety of ways. The sources of oils and fats are very limited, this means therefore that there is a growing need for the search of new sources of oil. In fact, it is about half of the oil we use us imported, and our dependence will increase as we use up oil for domestic and transportation. This study is an important way to help lessen oil importation. Jackfruit seeds will be used as an alternative source of oil. Jackfruit is locally available in the market. It is an indigenous fruit tree us wisely distributed throughout many tropical countries, including the Philippines, both cultivated and wild. It also has the properties and substances good oil has. The major components of the seeds are 36.4% carbohydrate that can be hydrolyzed to fermentable sugars before transforming into ethanol, and 56.5% moisture that provide good growth of microorganisms and save water material used in the fermentation process. This shows that jackfruit seeds are an appropriate feedstock for ethanol production. And...
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