John D. Rockefeller's Strategy

Topics: Petroleum, Standard Oil, ExxonMobil Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Many associate the name Rockefeller with success and riches. However, John D. Rockefeller, the richest man of his time, may not be all that he was believed to be. Looking back into his life and his involvement in the oil business of the 1800’s, I am appalled to see the strategies and tactics he used in order to achieve such success. Although much can be learned from his tremendous business abilities, I do not agree with the methods Rockefeller used in order to gain so much power and riches. From a Christian ethics standpoint, I believe that his strategies were immoral because he destroyed independent companies, had secret operations, and used his riches for philanthropy in order to appear humble and justify the means. John D. Rockefeller was very determined to become the most powerful man in the oil industry and in his attempt to become such a man he brutally destroyed any other independent companies who owned oil refineries. In the late 1800’s the main source of light were kerosene lamps. These were originally powered by whale oil which soon became too expensive for the common household. During this same time an abundance of oil was found in the northeast land of the United States. The oil was free and up for grabs to anyone who wanted to make a living out of it. The only main cost they incurred was for transportation of the oil. Rockefeller was known to have a mind for business and became very interested in the unstructured, limitless industry. He purchased his first oil refinery in 1965 and soon after began purchasing more and more. As he saw the riches that the industry was producing for him, he sought to buy out many of his competitors. It came to a point where he would simply approach independent refiners, show them his financial records, and convince them to sell because they didn’t stand a chance against his low prices. South Improvements was the name of his refinery. Not only did he want to have control of the refineries, he wanted to unite the four...
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