Keystone XL Pipeline

Topics: Petroleum, Bitumen, Oil sands Pages: 4 (1167 words) Published: December 1, 2013
The highly controversial, and much disputed issues surrounding the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline project. There are many pros and cons of the Keystone XL pipeline. It would make more sense to approve it and build it rather than sit and wait. We need to get away from importing Middle East oil and start producing more on our own soil. The Keystone pipeline would transport a crude oil alternative from Canada to the United States in Houston, Texas. The pipeline has rapidly gained exposure, this exposure can be attributed to a number of factors, but in a large part rising gasoline prices and political pressures are the driving factors. Increased demand for more reliable and stable supplies of crude oil in the United States has been driven by traditional heavy oil. TransCanada Corporation is a Canadian based energy company which develops and operates energy infrastructure throughout North America. The corporation is at the center of the oil sands debate. Since the pipeline would cross international borders, the project requires the approval of the State Department in accordance with executive order 13337. Oil sands are naturally occurring deposits of mixtures of water, bitumen, sand, clay, and other minerals. All of which combine to create extremely viscous oil. The sand particles have become coated with a thick layer of oil and water. After millions of years of exposure to bacteria, the mixture becomes incredibly thick. The crude must be treated prior to processing in order to produce usable fuels, such as gasoline and diesel fuel. The World Energy Council reported that there are 598 natural bitumen deposits in 23 countries, with the largest deposits in Canada, Kazakhstan, and Russia. The global natural bitumen reserve is estimated to be 249 billion barrels; 176 billion of those are in Canada. Oil sands were first discovered in the 1700’s but were unable to be extracted. (keystone-xl)

Many Republicans argue for the immediate approval of the...

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