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The Last Meow Essay
Why do people spend so much money on their animal? In Burkhard Bilgers “The Last Meow” people are spend thousands of dollars on their cat. Many people spend money like that on their animals. People spend that money on special food, toys, and most expensively veterinary care. Many people argue all the money spent on animals can go toward more important things like human health care and technological advancements. I argue that people can spend money on their animals if they wish. Besides, it is their money that they are spending, they love their animals, and animals have the right to live a nice life to. First, it is their money that they are spending. If they make enough money to pay for whatever it may be then they should be allowed to spend it on that. That is why we have a free market system in America. If my dog was seriously injured and unless I did not pay the money he would die. I would pay that money in a heartbeat. In middle school my dog had internal bleeding and we took her to the Vet and spend 2 thousand on her to keep her alive and she is still living to this day. Secondly, People who are going to spend thousands of dollar on their animals obviously love them. If you loved something so much would you let it die? Of course not. Animals can become like they are a part of your family, to where you love them just at much as you love any other family member. Lastly, animals have just as much the right to live as humans do. Dogs have been on earth just as long as humans if not long! They deserve to be able to live happily also. We should be spending just as much on animals to keep them alive as we do on humans. The guy in the last meow spent half of his salary just to keep his cat alive that was deaf blind and really sick just so he could pretty much say goodbye. So why should people spend just as much money on animals? Well because they love their animals, it is their money that they are spending on the animals, and animals have...
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