LIberal Democracy is a contradiction in terms

Topics: Human rights, Democracy, Liberalism Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: March 28, 2014
Liberal Democracy is a contradiction in terms
The term democracy comes from the Greek language and means "rule by the people". Over time, it has developed to sub categorize into different types of democracy such as direct, representative and religious. It therefore would be obvious to assume that different political views shape the way in which democracy is devised in practice. Liberal democracy shadows closely to representative. It expresses the need for free and fair elections, individual rights and economic freedom and finally a constitution. It has more recently however been debated the extent to which these rights are a contradiction to the beliefs. It is suggested that liberals are wary of democracy due to some hindering factors that reject traditional liberal views. One factor is that liberal democracy implies the ideologies in majoritarianism. This view entails that the ‘tyranny of the majority’ has a significant influence over political decisions. Majority groups dominate and therefore allow individual sovereignty and minority rights to be subsided, this under representation of the less dominate groups could class on an infringement of their freedom, contradicting the views of liberal academics. This also stems concerned that democratic rule would imply equality over freedom. Ochlocracy rule would sacrifice an individual freedom to obey laws which may in some cases not even represent their own views. This would also result in another wariness being created, in the sense of how these laws would be enforced. A democratic government would have to generate increasing state intervention and control that result in a number of economic freedoms being limited. This could include the decisions made by those in rule to impose taxation or banking restrictions and further restrict the individuals’ freedom. However the extent of these factors can be limited due to the strong compatibility liberalism has with democracy. It is obvious to see that the balance...
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