Topics: Libertarianism, Free market, Liberalism Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Libertarianism has always been an approach of letting people live the way the want as long as they do not harm others. In a sense it is a way to give free and full control of ones life to themselves without much government interference. If property was gained fairly, that property cannot be taken away by anyone; including government. It is a means of also setting up a free-market within the system and helping to create free and full competition.

In total libertarianism, it is explained that the role of the government should be to write laws that protect individual property rights such as: no force, no theft , no fraud, and no breach of contract. For example, we mentioned in class the example of someone picking apples off of an apple tree, and being able to keep those apples without having to give it to any one or get it taken away because they used there own fair labor to gain those apples. The strength of total libertarianism is that it guarantees to protect any individuals property rights of any human being within the system, but at the same time its an approach that interferes with a free-market surrounding.. If this person with the apples has a field of apple trees and can’t possibly eat them all he must sell them at whatever price he would like. If everyone that sells apples, or himself if he is the only one selling apples, attaches a hefty price for them, the poor would have a very difficult time affording those apples. If only the rich can afford them, the poor in a libertarian society would not survive.

Another form of libertarianism is a more moderate libertarianism in which the government writes rules that protect full and free competition and guide it from any monopolies, oligopolies and vertical integration. For example, eBay is the closest thing we have to a free-market and moderate libertarianism, because in a sense eBay is somewhere that any seller can compete freely with other sellers and not worry about any interference. A...
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