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Hong Kong Liberal Party
Party Manifesto
1. Our vision and mission
Freedom is of paramount importance to our citizens, our communities and to Hong Kong. We, the Liberal Party, strongly believe that freedom is the core value that we should safeguard and preserve to make Hong Kong a more prosperous and thriving international metropolitan. Without freedom, Hong Kong would not be the freest economy in the global arena for many years. Without freedom, Hong Kong citizens and other mass media would not have a channel to convey their ideas and opinions openly. Without freedom, there would not be Liberal Party. Pursuit of freedom has never been an easy task, therefore since our establishment, we have been endeavored to pursue freedom wholeheartedly. We believe that only by preserving this value ceaselessly can Hong Kong maintain her prosperity and stability.

Pursuit of freedom is by no means our exclusive mission. In order to make Hong Kong a better place to live in, we also place great emphasis in upholding some irreplaceable values such as equality in opportunity, cultural diversity, justice, love and care. The Liberal Party is committed to attain all these goals by an unshakable spirit, which is to serve the Hong Kong citizens at all cost.

The Liberal Party will inherit the proud history and continue to serve Hong Kong with our sincere attitude. We will actively listen to different opinions and voices, and grasp every opportunity to improve ourselves to a higher level. We believe that through the collective effort by our citizens, Hong Kong will continue to prosper in years ahead.

2. Our values
We firmly believe that democracy is the most valuable element that empowers our citizens to participate and co-operate with the government in formulating policies and reflect the true opinions to the authority. With democracy, not only the transparency of the government will be enhanced, but also the integrity and accountability. The Liberal...
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