Marketing Myopia

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1.0 Introduction
In line with Levitt (1960), Marketing Myopia refers to the narrow view of myopia, marketing and business environment. This kind of advertising program without any demand with clients but an organization will is to sell goods or services within particular economic markets. It tilted a business to focus on its desire, rather than what the shopping desires, and often modifying to form a culture of immunity each typically end up losing the name, business damage and ineffective commercial practice Levitt, (1960). This is accomplished exploring by them, an enterprise may appear an extra fully meet customer needs and wants, in order to develop its business. It offers a brilliant view of thoughts for your customers. At "Marketing Myopia," Levitt (1960), he indicates the current marking statement said: "Marketing is a stepson" most of the organizations stressed production and marketing.

2.0 Key failing 1980’s
According to the case study has shown that, the key failings in marketing as a business practice by Levitt in 1960. According to the article, the main key failing point was they had a management failure does not because the market is not saturated yet the reason is because of their own MYOPIA. These all key failing point has clearly to support and determine how they had a poor management. First and foremost, they watched it was supposed to develop but never take action to developed it, which means they were not looked at the long term while they look at the short term only, which is short-sighted goods for instance, the petroleum. The situation worsened rail transport terrible, because "they are rail-based rather than product-oriented, they were product oriented rather than customer oriented, they do not care about the client's wants and there are more on supply but few on demand. As a results that is because why their clients snatched by the competitors. Other than that, they are lack of considering how the rail road can be pant in the prospect future. While those who also a lack of consider how to become an excellent entertainer skills in Hollywood and rather they considered filmmaking. In addition, they have never seen the product as overall and narrow example are not to be regarded as petroleum fuel industry but is deemed the energy business, which is not considered to produce Hollywood movies but as amusement and also failed to watch this industry from any marketing view. Furthermore, Theodore Levitt defined that there is misconception of manufacturer, they are just think about the particular product and yet they are missed to see the category of the product. The last key failing point in management failure perceived by Levitt is they have a poor product structure, they are not possible comprehensive product development, failed to know its clients product range resulting in the failure of the business and cannot have a good sales in the market.

3.0 Changes and thinking
Regarding to the ideology was that it has to change from product orientation to client orientation and the practice would also move from product orientation to client orientation. How things are done there such a huge increase, because now people are extremely imaginative in how they look to the future, changes in marketing from the product-oriented and service-oriented their thinking ability to widen stricture ideas, their management is changed by catering the needs of marketing person. For instance, the Perils of Petroleum. They created a right of recourse petroleum exploration with advanced technical and know how to enjoy the confidence of senior investors, restrictions in itself technologies oil exploration, oil extraction, oil refining and did not expect substitutes; example of natural gas. The oil company has never been developed gas as a substitute to gasoline. Crude oil is one not being treated as a major patent medicine which is we all knew that petroleum was a very significant thing, if not the economy would got ill,...
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