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Topics: Sociology, Love, Liberalism Pages: 5 (892 words) Published: September 4, 2014

Seetha Lakshmanan
Lamar University
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Specific Purpose: [Not included in oral presentation.]
At the end of my speech, the audience will know how to approach the social issue of the failure to love adequately Central Idea: Much of our problem in the modern world is a problem of love in all its aspects - Eros, Libido, Agape, Philia.

Introduction: [About 10% of speaking time.]
I. Attention Getter: The irony with the youth of today's generation is that even when they become romantically involved with a certain person or a certain project, they have the abnormal ability to disengage from that entanglement in an instant.

II. Preview Statement: The issue our society is suffering from ananomlie III. Preview Statement: In the modern society, one of the major social constrains to this particular issue has to do with liberty-I am going to discuss this

IV. Preview Statement: [Environmental factors are also a constraint in the development of creating loving and decent adults.

Body: [About 85% of speaking time.]
I. Our society is suffering from the condition of anomie, which is a situation in which society doles out very little ethical guidance to individuals, and allows a great amount of self-regulation.

A. The recognition of should not go unnoticed. It is important we effectively educate our pupils to appreciate spiritual truth, spiritual fruits, beauty, and each other.

1. Prevention measures should be taken against individuals from becoming underdeveloped and self-centered in their pursuits of selfish desires. 2. These slackers' concept of sex is all about lust and not love, marriage and babies. Our education must prevent individuals from becoming meaningless members who sole purpose is to consume with relentless voracity.

a. Proper values and education are vital, and students should also be surrounded by the right people as role models.

b. Woodrow Wilson sums this up perfectly, "Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world."

B. These days, our members of society view liberty as the privilege of not having any outside form of control to limit them.

1.Individuals are free to go about as they please and act on their impulses.

a.In counterbalancing their behavior against our society, these individuals find a considerable amount of social permissiveness to commit whatever wrongdoing they wish to rationalize as legitimate.

b.With society misleading the youth, they are at a disadvantage of understanding the true meaning liberty.

Transition: To truly understand good, we must study the concept of virtue. The great philosopher, Aristotle says, "the true student of politics, too, is thought to have studied virtue above all things, for he wishes to make his fellow citizens good and obedient to the laws" (Aristotle: Ethics).

II. As a result, all our choices and decisions should be made with this end result in mind. The way to go about this rule is through making virtue the sole intention in performing our actions.

A.Our society has failed to educate our youth that if our decisions are based on self-interest or emotions such as attitudes such as envy, ill will, or hatred, we are indeed lacking liberty.

B.This is because if we do not have the ability to practice self-control by choosing to do what's good, we are blinded to the degree that we ourselves are lacking in liberty. Transition: [Review the last point and preview the next. Be sure to use complete sentences.] III. Modern parents work long hours and spend less time with their kids, giving them less room to teach them right from wrong, values, and etc,.

A. The parents are more focused on making more and more money in the modern economy.

B. The curriculum of education does not place a sufficient amount of importance on artistic activities....

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