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Chapter: oil potentialities
Of Abu Gharadig oil and gas fields (1969)
The field represents the first commercial oil discovery in the late cretaceous early tertiary Abu Gharadig basin. In addition to the oil production obtained fron the turonian
Upper cenomanion horizon, the field produces natural gas from a separate pool below the oil pools, which belongs to the lower conomanian highly developed teliary and upper cretaleous sections are present. The hick santonian – senonian sealion rests unconfirmably an the eroded tilted fault blocks of the turonion and the upper most conomunium (( Abu loash formation )) which lie unconformably on the eroded lower conomanian bahoriya formation the structure is ahighly faulted anticlinal feature. It is highly jerormed and dissected by faults into anumber of fault blocks (( of nearly Ne – sw trend in addilion to very few N- S and NW – SE directions))

The faults belong
To three generation of fracturing:-
1- the conomanian movement were responsible for the bahariya formation tilted fault blocks which were later subsected to erosion thus the Abu Roush formation lies unconfotmably on them
2- the turonian episode of deformation further complicated the structure by more faults , though there were of small displacement. The effect of these deformations is shown by the different oil / water contacts of the Abu Roash pays in different fault blocks.

3- the late crelaceous . early tertiary movements camed Relatively intence rejuvenation of movement along old faults , so that the older bahariya formation fault blocks were subsected to further movements relative to each other, thus adding to the differences in hydrocarbon / water contact in the field (( dia el din 1979 )).

The gas in bahariya formation in this field is believed to be in exogenous hydrocarbon which migrated from the deep depositional contral of the Abu gharadig basin into in the bahariya tilted fault blocks sealed by the Abu Roash shale and...
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