My Declaration

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My Declaration of Independence
I am declaring independence from my parents. I feel as if my parents don’t respect my desire to make my own decisions. My parents have control over me and my freedom. My reason for declaring independence from my parents is because they continue to give me orders as if they have authority over my every move. They always give me things to do and then expect me to believe that I will thank them for it in the future. I feel as if it’s unfair for them to delegate duties to me without giving me a chance to voice an opinion about it. The rights I feel I deserve are:

The right to establish my own curfews, including but not limited to, when to come home, how late to talk on the phone, and my bed time. If given the opportunity to make such decisions, my parents would see that I am responsible and would not abuse the right to establish my own timeframes.

The right to prioritize my chores that I feel are important or necessary and disregard the rest. I understand the importance of having a clean environment however, I feel that my room does not have to be spotless 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If my parents allow me to choose which chores are important, they will see that I would focus on all of the common areas such as the living room, dining room, and bathroom.

The right to study when and if I want to and complete homework with my peers in a group as opposed to doing it at home by myself. I recognize that my education takes precedence as far as my parents are concerned. I do know that being well-educated can make a positive impact on my future and because of that, I would strive to do my best. The only difference is, because I know which subjects I am good at and which ones I need to apply myself more in, I would study accordingly and focus more on the classes that I feel I’m lacking in. I also learn better in a group setting, so they would see that my grades would improve by having study-partners. Now that I am independent, I am...
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