My Hometown Ahvaz

Topics: Petroleum, Saudi Arabia, Iraq Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: August 6, 2013
My Hometown
By Ehsan Mehrnia

My Hometown, Ahvaz is a big and vast city in the west of Iran. It's an overcrowded city with about 2 million people in a variety of almost all tribes of Iranian that live together with a sense of community and a little racism somehow in every tribe too. However, Ahvaz is very important city for my country in many aspects.

Ahvaz is one of popular industrial zones of Iran. It is the capital of an important province of oil, petroleum and petrochemical manufactures industries and organizations in the country. Also there are some big primary metal industries and factories here, for instance steel factory or pipe and wide flat metal sheet factories. In addition, here is a center of organizing of power plants and electrical power distribution in Iran.

In other hand, my hometown is a crossroad of national transportation system, because the national railway and some important transit highways are passing through the city and many goods and stuffs from south wharfs or west borders are distributed by potential abilities of this city.

Another point is the importance of Ahvaz as an efficient city in national security and inner political decisions because of its' population congestion, variation of tribes are living in and its' neighbourship by south and west neighbour countries (Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia).

Agriculture products are another economical attractions of Ahvaz city that produce on farms and plantations in suburb and countries near them.

In sum up, Ahvaz is an industrial city that is not very clean and beautiful. The weather is hot and dusty in most days of a year. Cost of living is a little expensive. People suffer in Stress because of many rat races, somewhere has dangerous and unsecure atmosphere. You can see poverty in many areas specially in out skirts and suburb although pace of developing is not too slow and maybe there is not many attraction (except 8 unique bridges on the river Karoon) in this sleepy city, but...
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