My Narrow Escape

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Whenever my mind travels over the past events in my life, one incident stands out prominently to remind me of the narrow escape I once had from almost certain death. It was a plane crashed accident.

It was a sunny day, the 777 Boeing plane was on the way from Hongkong to SanFrancisco. Everything was good and I was very enjoyable. I was sleeping and assured that this trip would be ok, nothing would happened. At about 9 o’clock in the morning , our plane had arrived in the territory of United State in California’s State. The captain of the plane made an announcement and wanted all passengers to wake up and tighted their seatbelt. I was very excited because 10 more minutes I would stand on the land of USA. So I looked through out the window. Strangely, I saw a little smoke from the left engine, I wondered if that smoke didn’t come from the engine and from something else, but when I look closely it was clearly come from the engine and there was fire in it. Therefore, I immediately loosen my safety belt and told the flight attendant, so she came with me and looked through out the window, seeing the smoke so she rushed fastly through the captain room. After 2 minutes, the captain informed passenger about the failure of the left engine and wanted everyone not to lose their self-control. Cry and scream was on the plane so loudly so I couldn’t hear any attention clearly. What in my mind at that moment was: “We all gonna die”

Smoke came more and more from the engine and I saw the left engine was stalled. The plane lean on the left side and then right, it just keep straggered side by side.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is going to land on SFA International Aiport with 1 engine left. Please fasten your safety belt. Then take out the air-bag above your seat and follow the instructions by our captain. Thank you." Then: “Boom” ,the tail of the plane hit the sea-wall of the run way and flame was burning at the bottom of the Boeing. I was so scared that I couldn’t...
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