Nellie McClung

Topics: Women's suffrage, Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Liberalism Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: March 24, 2014
Nellie McClung is a hero to many. Her hard work and determination have made an enormous impact on everyone. She is considered one of the most important leaders of feminism. Nellie was a woman who fought for what she believed in and tried to achieve equal rights for women. Nellie McClung was born in Ontario in 1873. At age 7, Nellie moved to Manitoba. As a young girl, she was lively and talkative. Nellie began teaching at 16 years old. She was involved in the social reform and joined the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Nellie McClung married Robert Wesley McClung, they had 5 children together. Nellie later moved to Winnipeg where she united with the Winnipeg Political Equality League and the Canadian Women’s Press Club. After, Nellie McClung moved to Edmonton, she took part in the Edmonton Equal Franchise League that fought against women’s rights. In 1921, Nellie was elected as a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly. In 1927, Nellie joined four other women and started the famous “Person’s Case”. This allowed women to be apart of the Senate after a review of the BNA act. Nellie McClung died in 1951 in Victoria. The impacts and legacies Nellie McClung made changed the lives of women all over Canada. Since Nellie fought for what she believed in, in 1916, liberal government of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia gave women the right to vote. Now, women everywhere in Canada have been granted the right to vote. If not for Nellie, this would not have been able to happen. Nellie McClung’s time as an elected politician was concise, but she was an important part. She created awareness of the harsh conditions women had to put up with and showed people that women are equal to men. This legacy lives on forever. Nellie McClung leaves behind her inspirational spirit, wisdom and beliefs. Even after death, Nellie gives encouragement to women to achieve social, economic and political equality. It has come a long way...
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