No Offshore Drilling

Topics: Petroleum, Oil platform, Drilling rig Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: May 8, 2011
No Offshore Oil Drilling
I. Introduction (Write the introduction in full sentences in paragraph form.) Remember to include an attention getting device, motivation (why the audience should listen), and your thesis statement. II.First Main Point We should not continue to drill for oil in the ocean. A. It produces a steady stream of pollution from the offshore rigs which causes a range of health and reproductive problems for fish and other marine life living there. B.It puts wildlife in danger of oil spills which would devastate their populations. C.If an oil spill were to happen it would not only effect the wildlife population but the human population as well. D.Places that attract tourists in the summer may not have as many people because their beaches would be damaged. III.Second Main Point What affect oil spills from offshore drilling can have. A.Environmental damage.

a.Pollutes the air, land, and water.
i.Pollute the air as much as 7,000 cars driving 50 miles a day just from drilling. b.Affected wildlife.
i.Immediate impact
1.Oil covering birds feathers.
2.Organisms could have ingested oil.
3.Dead and dying sea corals.
ii.Long-term impact
1.An unbalanced food web.
2.Decreased fish and wildlife populations.
3.Decline in recreation.
B.Economic impacts.
a.Interference with recreational activities such as bathing, boating, angling and diving. b.Hotel, restaurant owners, and others who make their livings from the tourist trade can also suffer temporary losses. c.Industries that rely on seawater for operation can change how they operate. IV.Third Main Point There was an oil spill in May of 2010 off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico which caused problems for everybody. A.

V.Conclusion (Write the conclusion in full sentences in paragraph form.)
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