Non Renewable Resources

Topics: Petroleum, Coal, Nuclear power Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: September 26, 2011
In today’s world, we are struggling to produce, export and harvest nonrenewable resources such as crude oil, coal and nuclear energy. People of the world depend on these resources to survive from day to day, either putting gas into your vehicle to get to work or producing coal to run our electricity. While most of these resources take thousands of years to form they cannot be replaced as fast as they are being consumed. We as consumers need to reduce our dependency on these non renewable resources. When producing crude oil in the world we are talking about over 80 million barrels a day (MBAD). Here are some of the top countries that produce majority of this world crude oil with Saudi Arabia producing over 10 MBAD, Russia over 9 MBAD and the United States with over 8 MBAD. There are other countries that produce also but only produce about a quarter of these top 3. Your top two exporters would be Saudi Arabia at 8 MBAD and Russia at 6 MBAD. (Zelman, Joanna 2011)Crude oil is used for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and among other things like asphalt and medical products. Also fossil fuel is combined with other materials to develop products like cell phones and components in computers. (Lister, Jonathan 2011) We won’t realize how much crude oil impacts our lives until it’s depleted. Coal in the United States contributes to 50% of electricity. In china coal makes up to 70% percents of China’s nonrenewable resources. China’s annual coal production tops 3.1 billion tons. Every country is different than one another; some tend to use coal more than other. Coal is most commonly used to produce electricity in power plants. It also is an important fuel for heating and powering industrial and manufacturing facilities, and for making steel. The coal tar is a residue that is obtained during distillation of coal which is used for insulating building, making building water proof and is also used in some soaps and shampoos. Some say that coal pollutes the air more than the other...
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