Offshore Drilling

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Offshore Drilling

Between all the pros and cons, in the end I believe that offshore drilling would benefit in more ways than harm America. Although, like everything, there are cons. The biggest problem with offshore drilling would be that it could potentially destroy the wildlife and their habitats. This does sound bad, but the pros outweigh the cons by far. Offshore drilling would not only help us economically, but also environmentally, and aid the government.

First and foremost, offshore drilling helps America’s economy in more ways than one. It provides jobs for many Americans, whether it’s primary, secondary, or tertiary jobs. The primary jobs would include those who work on the drill itself, like technicians, cooks, doctors, or laborers. Secondary jobs would include those that support the drill, like distributors who would ship in food and supplies. And tertiary jobs would include those who transport the oil to other refining stations. Offshore drilling would also stimulate the economy and lower gas prices which could help many Americans save on money and help them financially.

Secondly, offshore drilling would help America environmentally. The rigs are gigantic massive pieces of equipment that would attract a variety of marine life. If there were no accidents on the rig, than all of the marine life that was attracted would stay there and make it their home. The rig would act as an artificial reef that would help all the life flourish. Also, ocean floors naturally seep more oil into the ocean than oil drilling and oil tanker spills combined. Research has shown that drilling actually reduces natural seepage as it relieves the pressure in the ocean floors that would push all of the oil and gas up.

Lastly, offshore drilling would help aid the government. If we drill, than oil production would boom for the country. This would reduce our reliance and dependency of importing oil from other countries and would cut money that we...
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